Let Us Help By Getting Your Solar Power Geyser Installed By Reliable Solar Geyser Installers In Your Area!

Let Us Help By Getting Your Solar Power Geyser Installed By Reliable Solar Geyser Installers In Your Area!

The decision to install a solar power geyser is an excellent move towards achieving energy efficiency and cost savings. Switching to a solar power geyser can significantly reduce your energy bills by utilising free, renewable energy from the sun instead of traditional electricity or gas sources.

Plus, with reductions in CO2 emissions, opting for a more eco-friendly solution contributes positively towards combating climate change.

By partnering with us on your journey towards greener living, not only will you benefit from expert advice on selecting the right type and model suited for your specific needs but also exceptional aftercare services such as maintenance checks and repairs where necessary.

What Is The Meaning Of A Solar Power Geyser?

What Is The Meaning Of A Solar Power Geyser?

A solar power geyser is a water heating system that uses the sun’s energy to heat water for domestic use, helping to save electricity and reduce utility bills.

How Does It Work?

A solar power geyser is designed to utilise the sun’s energy to heat water for your household needs.

  • This innovative technology works by using solar collectors, which are installed on the roof of your home, facing a direction that will maximise sunlight exposure.

The process behind this efficient heating method relies on convection currents – as the heated water rises within the panels of the system, cooler water from the bottom of the tank seamlessly replaces it.

  • This cycle continues until all the water in your storage tank reaches your desired temperature.

What makes this technology even more appealing is its positive impact on both your wallet and environment; when you switch to a solar-powered geyser system, you can significantly reduce your electricity bill and contribute towards reducing carbon emissions.

Types Of Solar Power Geysers Offered In South Africa

South Africa offers two main types of solar power geysers: flat plate solar collectors and evacuated tube solar collectors.

  • Flat plate collectors are more affordable and work best in warmer climates, while evacuated tube collectors are more expensive but work better in colder temperatures and have a longer lifespan.

Install Flat Plate Solar Collectors

Flat plate solar collectors are an excellent choice for harnessing solar energy efficiently in South Africa.

  • With a proven track record of high performance, these systems boast more than 70% efficiency compared to only 17% on PV panels.

Designed specifically with South African conditions in mind, flat plate solar collectors consist of a panel roughly 80mm thick and can range anywhere from 1.5 square meters in size – making them adaptable to various installation needs.

  • Made from durable materials like aluminium or copper, these robust systems capture sunlight through their expansive surface area and convert it into usable thermal energy for water heating applications.

Install Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors

Evacuated tube solar collectors are a highly efficient option for harnessing solar energy in South Africa, proving to be considerably more effective than their flat-plate counterparts.

  • These cutting-edge collectors consist of several glass tubes, each containing an absorber plate that is connected to a heat-transfer fluid which circulates through the tubes.

One outstanding advantage of evacuated tube solar collectors is their ability to perform well even during overcast or colder days due to superior insulation properties and minimal heat loss.

They have proven themselves as crucial components in many eco-friendly and energy-saving residential or commercial spaces across South Africa.

Install Heat Pump Systems

Heat pump systems are an excellent option to consider when it comes to reducing your household’s electricity costs.

  • These systems use a small amount of electricity to transfer heat from the air or ground into the water stored in the geyser.

By combining heat pump technology with solar power, you can achieve even more significant savings. Solar panels can generate enough energy during the day to power both the heat pump system and other appliances, while excess energy produced by the panels can be fed back into the grid for additional savings.

Near me: Solar Geyser Conversion Kits

Are you tired of high electricity bills and looking for ways to reduce your energy costs? A solar geyser conversion kit may be the solution for you.

  • These kits allow you to convert your existing electric geyser into a solar-powered one, using PV technology with specifically designed solar panels.

Experts offer micro-processor based products that harness solar energy during the day to heat household or commercial water.

  • Their Solar Geyser Conversion Kits come in various sizes, including 150l and 200l, so there is an option suitable for everyone’s needs.

By utilizing renewable energy sources like solar power, not only are you saving money but also reducing your carbon footprint.

5 Factors To Bear In Mind When Selecting A Solar Geyser

  1. Consider the size of your family and their water needs. A larger family may require a bigger geyser to ensure an adequate supply of hot water.
  2. Determine whether you need a direct or indirect system based on the climate in your area.
  3. Think about the type of solar collector you want – flat plate or evacuated tube collectors.
  4. Check if the company you select is accredited by relevant authorities and offers professional installation services as well as maintenance and repair services should any issues arise.
  5. It’s essential to consider the overall cost when buying a solar geyser system – this includes both purchasing and installation costs versus potential long-term savings from lower energy bills over time.

Accredited Solar Geyser Services In South Africa

Professional solar geyser installation, maintenance and repair services are available from accredited companies in South Africa.

Professional Solar Geyser Installation

When it comes to solar geyser installation, it is crucial to hire a professional installer.

  • Accredited solar geyser services in South Africa offer expert installation services using only the best quality products that comply with local regulations.

Professional installers follow strict guidelines during the installation process, ensuring the system’s optimal performance and longevity.

  • They will also provide you with insightful information and advice on how to maintain your solar geysers properly, including regular servicing and cleaning of panels/tubes.

Steps To Install A Solar Geyser

Installing a solar geyser can seem daunting, but with the help of accredited installers, the process is straightforward.

  • First, an assessment of your home’s needs must be conducted to determine the size and number of collectors required.

The installers will then mount the collector on your roof and connect it to a water tank or heat exchange system.

  • Next, electrical components are installed to make sure that everything works smoothly – including temperature sensors and pumps if required.

By following these steps, professionals ensure that you get optimal performance from your solar geyser while reducing your energy bills over time through clean energy water heating solutions.

Near me: Solar Geyser Maintenance

Maintaining your solar geyser is crucial if you want to get the most out of it. Fortunately, solar geysers are designed to require less maintenance than traditional water heaters.

  • You’ll need to clean the panels every six months or so by hosing them down with water and wiping off any debris.
  • If you notice any issues with your solar geyser, such as leaks or a drop in hot water production, it’s best to call in a professional for repairs.

There are accredited companies across South Africa that offer solar geyser repair services as part of their offerings besides installation and maintenance.

Near me: Solar Geyser Repair

If you’re experiencing issues with your solar geyser, don’t fret! Solar Geysers Repair offers repair services for solar geysers in South Africa.

  • Their team of experienced technicians can diagnose and fix any problems, ensuring that your system is up and running efficiently again.

In addition to repairs, the company also provides sales, installation, and free quotations for solar geyser installations.

With their expertise at hand 24/7 throughout South Africa’s main regions such as Gauteng or Cape Town among others – you can rest assured that your solar-powered water heater stays operational all year round without fail.

Length Of Heating Time For Solar Geysers

One of the key factors to consider when choosing a solar geyser is the length of time it takes to heat up.

  • While electric geysers can heat water from cold in just a couple of hours, solar geysers using only solar power could take anywhere from four to five hours to reach optimal temperature for a 300-litre capacity tank.

It’s important to keep this in mind when planning daily hot water usage and ensuring there is ample time for heating before use.

  • It’s worth noting that many South African properties have direct sunlight for most of the day, which means solar energy can be harnessed much more efficiently than in other parts of the world where sunshine might be less consistent or powerful.

In terms of maintenance, while electrically-driven geysers may need regular repairs and replacements as well as frequent cleaning due to lime buildup, Solar powered geysers generally require little upkeep once installed properly initially like servicing every few years.

Big Selection Solar Power Geyser Products In South Africa

There is a wide range of high-quality solar power geyser products available in South Africa, including various brands, models and specifications.

Solar Geyser Brands, Models And Specifications

There are a variety of solar geyser brands and models available in South Africa to suit different needs and budgets.

  • Some popular brands include Kwikot, Eco-Smart, Heat Tech, and Solar Ray.

When selecting a solar geyser model, it’s essential to consider the capacity needed for your household or business.

  • In terms of specifications, solar geysers come with different features like high-efficiency collectors that enhance energy absorption from the sun for faster water heating.
  • They also feature reliable backup systems such as electric boosters or heat pumps that ensure hot water supply during rainy days or low sunlight conditions.

Additionally, some models allow remote control via Wi-Fi-enabled devices such as smartphones or tablets for convenient monitoring and maintenance purposes.

Solar Panels And Collectors

Solar panels and collectors are key components of a solar power geyser system. These devices use sunlight to heat water, which is then stored in an insulated tank until needed.

  • There are two main types of solar collectors used in South Africa: flat plate collectors and evacuated tube collectors.
  • The efficiency of the solar collector or panels depends on factors such as the amount of sunlight available, orientation towards the sun, and weather conditions.

However, even on overcast days or during winter months, there’s still enough energy from the sun to keep your hot water flowing.

Solar Water Tanks And Heat Exchangers

Solar water tanks and heat exchangers are key components of solar geysers.

  • Unlike electric geysers, which lose heat quickly due to poor insulation, solar water tanks are well insulated and can keep water hot for a longer period of time.

This makes them more energy-efficient and cost-effective in the long run. Heat exchangers, on the other hand, reduce electrical usage by transferring heat from one fluid to another without direct contact.

  • By installing a solar geyser with quality water tanks and heat exchangers, you can enjoy reliable access to hot water while reducing your energy consumption at the same time.

Not only will you save money on electricity bills but you’ll also contribute positively to the environment by reducing carbon emissions.

Solar Power Geyser Accessories

To get the most out of your solar power geyser, it’s important to consider investing in some accessories that can improve its performance and longevity.

  • Additionally, certain brands offer optional extras like remote monitoring systems that let you check on your system from anywhere via an app.

And if you’re concerned about hard water buildup damaging your geyser over time, there are scale inhibitors available that will prevent this common problem.

Let Us Find You Top-Rated Solar Geyser Installers In South Africa

Finding the right solar geyser installer in South Africa can be a daunting task.

  • That’s why we offer to connect you with some of the top-rated solar geyser installers in your area.

By using our service to find top-rated solar geyser installers, you can rest assured that your installation will be handled by professionals who understand the unique needs of each individual customer.

4 Benefits You’ll Enjoy With Professional Solar Geyser Installation

  1. You will enjoy significant savings on your electricity bill by using a free and renewable source of energy.
  2. A well-installed solar geyser can pay for itself in as little as three to six years with the money saved from not having to use grid electricity.
  3. With professional installation comes better performance and longer lifespan for your system. Professional installers are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge required to set up an efficient and effective solar geyser system that meets all safety standards.
  4. Switching over to clean energy water heating solutions such as solar geysers offers peace of mind knowing that you’re doing something good for both the environment and your wallet in terms of lower costs.

Solar Geyser Costs And Installation Fees In South Africa For 2023 [Solar Geyser Price List]

If you’re considering getting a solar geyser installed, you’re probably wondering about the costs and fees involved.

  • The overall cost of a new installation will depend on the type and size of the system, as well as the complexity of the installation process.

On average, a 200L closed coupled high-pressure system can cost anywhere from R12 000 to R25 000 without labour costs included.

  • For example, a 100L low-pressure solar geyser can start at just R3 323 while a top-of-the-range 200L high-pressure solar geyser could set you back around R19 441.

In addition to purchasing your chosen solar power geyser product, professional installation services are also available across South Africa at affordable rates.

Service Areas Covered By Accredited Solar Geyser Companies In South Africa

Service Areas Covered By Accredited Solar Geyser Companies In South Africa

Accredited solar geyser companies in South Africa offer their services in different regions, including Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Eastern Cape, Western Cape, Northern Cape, North West, Limpopo, Free State and Mpumalanga.

Regions Covered By Verified Solar Geyser Installers

Our accredited solar geyser service providers offer installation, maintenance, and repair services throughout South Africa.

From large cities such as Johannesburg and Cape Town to smaller communities like Mossel Bay and Witbank, we’ve got you covered.

  • Our certified installers ensure top-quality workmanship while using only the best products available.

Plus, with our wide range of offerings from different brands and models to fit any budget or need, we’re confident that you’ll find the perfect solution for your home or business.

Specific Neighbourhoods Serviced

When it comes to solar power geyser installations, it’s important to find a company that services your specific neighbourhood.

  • Accredited solar geyser companies in South Africa typically have designated service areas, so make sure you check with the installer before making any decisions.

For example, experts offer installation services across various regions in South Africa such as Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Eastern Cape, Western Cape, Northern Cape, North West, Limpopo and Free State.

Conclusion: Install A Solar Powered Geyser And Watch Your Savings Grow!

Conclusion: Install A Solar Powered Geyser And Watch Your Savings Grow!

Investing in a solar power geyser is not only an environmentally-friendly option but also a smart financial choice.

  • By harnessing the energy of the sun, you can significantly reduce your electricity bill and save money in the long run.

There are various types of solar power geysers available in South Africa to suit different needs and preferences.

  • It’s important to choose a reliable solar geyser installer who can guide you through the selection process, installation, maintenance and repair services.

With professional installation, you’ll enjoy benefits such as clean energy water heating, reduced carbon footprint, longer lifespan and lower maintenance costs.


  1. How does a solar power geyser work?

A solar power geyser uses energy from the Sun to heat up water, which is then stored in an insulated tank for later use.

  • The system consists of a collector panel, a storage tank and various pipes and valves that regulate the flow of water.
  1. What are the benefits of using a solar power geyser?

Solar power geysers can help reduce your electricity bills by relying on renewable energy sources instead of fossil fuels.

  • They also have lower maintenance costs compared to traditional electric or gas water heaters since they do not require as many moving parts.
  1. How much do solar power geysers cost?

The cost of buying and installing a solar power geyser varies depending on factors such as the size of the system, location, installation fees and any additional services needed such as plumbing or electrical wiring.

  • Prices may range from several hundred to several thousand pounds.
  1. Are there any government incentives available for installing a solar power geyser?

In some countries there are government incentive programs that provide financial support for homeowners who install renewable energy systems such as solar panels or geysers.

These programs include feed-in tariffs and grants that can help offset some of the initial costs associated with purchasing and installing these systems.